The Top 3 Best Food

The results are finally out! We had a hard time in selecting the top 3 best food in 5 various polytechnics when the food are all very delicious and worth the money. However, we still had to choose the top 3 which are the cream of the crop, the best of the best!

And here we present to you; The Top 3 Best Food among 5 Polytechnics (The ranking would not be in order. )

Wanton Mee @ South Canteen (Nanyang Polytechnic)


Chicken Cutlet with Sphagetti @ Cafe 155 (Republic Polytechnic)


Kaki Fuyong @ Makan Place (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)


Scroll below to read the full reviews and critics on them. Hurry up and try them out today!

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Singapore Polytechnic’s Top 3 Selection of Food

1) Hotplate(Pan City) @ Food Court 3

What’s the best way to enjoy a nice and hot meal? The answer to that is definitely food served on a hotplate! At Pan City, there is a huge variety of hotplate dishes awaiting you to try all of them out. All of them are good! If you’re a beef lover, try their Black pepper beef. The spicyness of the black pepper and the chewiness of the beef is simply amazing.

Comments from other customers:

“At a price of $3.50, this can fill my stomach for the whole day!”

“I’m spoilt for choices, all of the food are just so mouth-watering!”


2) Mediterranean Food @ Food Court 6

A fusion of Malay and Western dishes, the food sold here will blow you away! Choose from either spaghetti, pasta, macaroni or rice then add the dishes that you want.

A must try: Honey and Rosemary Chicken. The chicken is specially cooked and marinated with their special sauce and ingredients, passed down from the stall owner’s father. With the first bite into the mouth, the chewiness of the chicken makes it easy to bite on. Then after, the honey aroma fills the mouth! Priced at $1.50 per piece.

Comments from other customer:

“I like this interesting combination of Malay and Western food, very refreshing on the tastebuds!”

“The food is very very affordable for such standard of Mediterranean food!”


3) Fish Soup @ Food Court 6

Try out this fish soup to refresh your taste bud. The soup cooked for long hours with fish and various herbs, it enhances one’s health and also satisfy one’s hunger! Not only so, the fish soup comes at only $2.50 and just top-up an additional $0.30 for a bowl of rice!

Comments from other customers:

“The fish is very very fresh!”

“Quite a healthy meal, refreshing as well!”

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Temasek Polytechnic’s Top 3 Selection of Food

1) Salad Bar @ Mensa 2

A hugely popular dish among TP staff and students, the dory fillet at the salad bar at the Mensa Canteen is a mouth-watering favourite that will rock your socks off with its flavour and price! Fresh dory fillet grilled to a delicate golden sheen and drizzled with a tasty orange butter sauce, packed with coleslaw and crispy fries on the side.

Another popular dish will be the Chef Salad, served and tossed with fresh green veggies Each bowl come with basic lettuce & can choose other ingredients  such as broccoli, sprouts, pasta, potatoes & beans smothered with sauce like vinaigrette, lemon & mustard.The dressings are a perfect balance of flavors and comes in HUGE size of portions!

Comments from other customers:

“The stall really lives up to its name with the wide selection of salads and it’s healthy, tasty and refreshing all at the same time!”

“I give two thumbs up for the dory fillet!”


2) Carona @ Short Circuit

We have chosen one of their signature dish, chicken rice with curry sauce! Carona chicken rice is a perennial favorite among chicken rice fans. This is one meal that you cannot judge based on its looks. It may look watery and tasteless, but in actual fact, the curry sauce is spicy and not too thick or thin. Topping that up is the chicken that is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

Comments from other customers:

“Chicken rice with curry, a deadly combination.”

“One of the best I’ve ever tried”


3) Chappati @ Mensa

Not only the bread is thin, it is soft and light. This is unlike most outside stalls that sells hard and thick chappati. The chappati can be either eaten with curry or keema. If you are wondering, keema tastes like curry but is hotter and full of minced meat. To avoid dissapointment, patronise this stall before noon when it gets all sold out!

Comments from other customers:

“I actually wake up early just to eat this always. The demand for it is absolutely crazy and gets sold out without fail by lunch time!”

“Just try and you will understand why there’s such a huge demand for it!”


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Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Top 3 Selection of Food

1) Japanese Cuisine @ Makan Place

Try their Kaki Fuyong. There are different types of side dishes to go with such as chicken, oyster or prawn to be included with egg. Warm miso soup will also be given only if you are dining in there. Furthermore, they have received various recommendations and reviews from other celebrities and have been featured in magazines and newspaper. Very Famous!

Comments from other customers:

“Chicken is tender and together with the egg and sauce, a perfect meal it would be!”

“Not only is the sauce delicious, it’s not oily at all. I’m in Japan!!!”


2) Munch @ Block 73

Over here, their most famous dish would be none other than their Ayam Pangang Set. Priced at $3.80, it comes with their very own marinated chicken, some greens and the best part of this set is definitely the curry! The stall owner would prepare the curry in advance specially to get the exact taste. Made from coconut, curry powder and special ingredients, this Ayam Pangang Set is definitely worth trying.

Comments from other customers:

“What makes this dish so special would be the curry and sauce served with it. The sauce made from sweet soy sauce and with a touch of their curry and chill, it gives off a sweet and spicy taste. Simply mouth-watering.”

“I have eaten many other Ayam Pangang before and to be honest, this stall sells probably one of the best Ayam Pangang in Singapore!”


3) Ban Mian @ Makan Place

Almost in all coffeeshops or hawker centres you will see numerous stalls of Ban Mian or have even tried most of them before. Try this too. The tangy noodles accompanied with the soup is a killer. Accompanied with the egg, pork and also anchovies, this will definitely melt your mouth, your heart and everything else. The best part of it, it’s only $2.50. What a deal!

Comments from other customers:

“The soup is filled with a taste that just cannot be described, simply TASTY!”

“$2.50 for a bowl of top quality Ban Mian, best deal in town!”



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Republic Polytechnic’s Top 3 Selection of Food

1) Vegetarian Food @ ECanteen

What’s a healthier way to start your day than to fill your stomach at the eco-friendly canteen with healthy vegetarian food! Not only healthy, the various dishes are all appetizing and also enticing! Choose your very own combination of dishes, top it up with noodles or rice. Prices range from $2 onwards.

Comments from other customers:

“Their spring roll and ngoh hiang are one of the best ever!!”

“The queue is rather long at times but as the saying goes, good food are worth the wait!”



2) Western Cuisine @ Cafe155

Do not be fooled by the cheap prices of this stall. This stall sells one of the most delicious western food at very affordable prices. Their chicken is cooked perfectly. Together with some spaghetti with tangy tomato sauce and crispy fried fries, what more could you ask for? Chill and mayonnaise must be added as well! The stall owner has recommended that their top selling items would be the chicken chop and chicken cutlet.

Comments from other customers:

“The first day I enrolled in RP, i ordered this. From then on, I cannot stop eating this!”

“Very filling, very nice, very affordable!”


3) Nasi Padang @ Lawn Canteen

Nasi Lemak has always been one of Singapore’s signature dishes. In Republic Polytechnic’s Lawn Canteen itself, their Nasi Lemak is worth dying for. Juicy and crispy chicken wing, peanuts and anchovies, egg and the wonderful sambal chilli, you will feel like you’re in heaven.

Comments from other customers:

“Their chilli is spicy but it’s very very very nice!”

“The chicken are always cooked so crisply, sometimes with juice oozing out!” 


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Nanyang Polytechnic’s Top 3 selection of Food

1) Roti Prata @ North Canteen

Ranging from the famous Egg Prata to Cheese and Mushroom, this store sells Prata that is handmade on the spot; with a combination of curry and sugar. Mouth-watering! Another dish to try include their famous chicken/mutton briyani. It is also at affordable prices, $0.70 onward.

Comments from other customers:

“Crispy, cheap and nice. Must try!”

“Ask for another bowl of curry, one is never enough!”

2) Noodle Stall @ South Canteen

This noodle stall sees a long queue all the time. Served by the boss who is ever so friendly and always with a smile on his face. He even has his own Facebook Page! These 2 dishes are a must-try: Wanton Noodle and Minced Pork Noodle. The tangy noodles and special sauce made from the boss himself is definitely worth queuing for.

Comments from other customers:

“Excellent noodles with excellent service. What more can you ask for?”

“Only $2 for a bowl of wanton noodle, what a deal”

“I eat this almost everyday!!!!!”

3) Thai Food @ KouFu Food Court

Sour, spicy and appetizing. This is what everyone thinks of when it comes to Thai Food. Make sure to visit this stall at KouFu in Nanyang Polytechnic. Dishes recommended would be Green Curry Chicken and also Tomyam Soup. There is also a wide varieties of other set dishes and combos waiting for you!

Comments from other customers:

“This green curry chicken is fantastic, the spicyness and smell is just nice!”

“We seldom see Thai Food for sale in Singapore and this stall really sells some nice Thai Food!”

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“Oh! Poly Food, Where Good Food meets Good Price!”

We are a group of students from Nanyang Polytechnic on a hunt to explore the different variety of food that are offered in Polytechnics of Singapore such as Temasek Poly, Ngee Ann Poly, Republic Poly, Singapore Poly and Nanyang Poly itself. We will provide critics and suggestions to where students should go to explore and find yummy food at affordable prices.

At the very end of visiting all polys, we will vote for the Top 3 best food in the whole 5 Polys!

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